5 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home to Lose Weight

Not everyone wants to join a gym. You may be scared, you may not want to pay the heavy gym fees, and you may like working out alone without having to wait for gym equipment to free up. If any of these above points apply to you, keep on reading.

Gyms may have expensive equipment which have all fancy features that can tell you your heart rate and how much calories you have burned, but that does not matter, you do not need all of this information to lose weight. In fact the best way to lose weight is to keep it simple.

Quite often people tend to over complicate exercise. In this article I will tell you 5 easy methods of losing weight that you can do at home.

Jump rope

A jump rope or skipping rope, depending on where you live is one of the cheapest yet one of the most effective ways to get your heart rate up and lose weight. I must admit, when I first started to skip I really found it hard. I kept hitting my legs with the rope and I also found that I was not very fit and struggled a little with the fitness side. Skipping is hard. However if you do it 3 times a week you soon get used to it. Your technique will become better and your fitness will rise considerably. You will also notice the pounds start to shrink off you.

A good routine to start is to simply start with the rope behind your head, throw it over your head and then skip with alternative feet. Do 100 of these single leg hops. Once you are done move on to a different technique. One I recommend is a double leg hop, which is jumping with both feet together. Do this a further 100 times. Lastly do the same technique as previous this time keep your feet together, jump at the same time and raise your knees as far as you can. This will complete your routine. Cool down appropriately and repeat this workout a further twice a week.


For me, cycling does not seem like exercise at all. Cycling is hard, but it is also fun. I could spend all day out on my bike and it will not feel like exercise, however the amount of calories burned from being on your bike will have been huge. Combine cycling with one of the other activities and maybe you would only have to do it once a week and you would not only be fit, active and healthy but you would also lose a tonne of weight.

Cycling is also fun to do with others, get a group involved or even a partner and you can explore the outdoors together, while losing weight.


Jogging is another way to get out and about while exercising. Personally im not a fan of jogging outdoors, but most people love it. I would prefer to jog on a running machine in doors so that I can track my progress such as speed etc, but if you don’t want to be stuck in doors then jogging outside is a great substitute. I also find jogging outdoors harder than doing it in the gym.

Jogging for just 60 minutes can make a big difference to your fat loss journey, it can also improve your mood, health and the strength of your bones. Jogging can however be tough on your joints so make sure you get a good pair of running shoes and stretch out before and after your exercise.


If your not at the level of jogging then why not try walking. Walking still allows you to get outdoors, but it’s not as tough on your joints or your heart and lungs. Walking also allows you to build up your fitness slowly, it is also fun and can be an activity that’s done with others.

Play a sport

If you are looking to lose weight then joining a club or group to participate in sports is a great and fun way to lose weight. Playing a sport is also a great way to make friends and socialise. I highly recommend playing a sport even if its just training. The sport doesn’t even have to be competitive. For example I play a 5 a side football game once a week with friends, most of the game is played at walking pace but with a few bouts of sprinting. Not only do I find it fun, but it also keeps the pounds off.

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