5 Surprising Foods That Help with Weight Loss

weight loss foods

If you are trying to lose weight, you probably have been exercising consistently, and eating your fruits and veggies. However, there may be some tasty foods that you’ve cut out of your diet. Weight loss doesn’t have to be restrictive. If you feel like you aren’t allowed to indulge you may end up binge-eating later. Here are five tasty foods that could actually aid your goals:

1. Turkish Yogurt
If you’ve been taking supplements, medicine, or any kinds of pills, you’ll also want to take probiotics. Yogurt is great because it is chock-full of probiotics, or good bacteria that can reduce fat retention, and upset stomachs. When you choose a yogurt, go for a thicker Turkish yogurt, since they are typically lower in fat and sugar than others.

2. Dark Chocolate
Most women can’t do without their chocolate. While milk or white chocolate is loaded with sugar, and not very healthy, dark chocolate has some benefits. According to Dr. Will Clower’s book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, if you eat a little chocolate before and after a meal, you can cut your appetite cravings by half! Of course, like any good thing, you should eat dark chocolate in moderation.

3. Eggs
You may be eating egg whites, but it’s actually okay to have the yolk as well. The yolk contains a hormone called glucagon, which burns belly fat. Plus, it is full of vitamin E, which is great for your hair and skin; and, it is full of proteins, which help you build muscle.

4. Nuts
While nuts contain fat, it is actually the unsaturated kinds which are good for your heart. Since nuts have a good amount of protein, a small snack will fill you up, and you won’t have cravings later on in the day.

5. Cheese
Webmd.com says that researchers have found that the body burns more fat when it has more calcium-rich foods, like cheese. Try Parmesan cheese, since only a small amount is filling and has a rich flavor.

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