You Call This Fat?

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” ~Carl Jung Although its importance is often underestimated, maintaining a positive body image is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, sexy weight. It’s imperative that you gain confidence in your unique body physiology, so you avoid engaging in the […]

Green Tea Can Make You Look Younger

Anti aging products, remedies and treatments are extremely popular all over the world. Especially women spend thousands of dollars just to get hold of the right product that will make them appear younger and reduce wrinkles on their face. That is why researchers are always looking for cures and anti aging remedies to promote, and […]

Fat Loss Meal Plan

diet soft drinks, and commercial weight loss centers. Other categories are expanding, including health clubs, medical weight-loss plans (more on those later) and bariatric surgery. There are also niches of growth in diet foods, including among multi-level called the “one meal a day” plan. It doesn’t necessarily sound healthy – usually people will tell you […]

Raspberry Ketone VS Garcinia Cambogia

Weight loss supplements are dominating the supplement industry right now, with millions of adults looking for effective ways to lose unwanted weight and maintain a healthy weight moving forward. When it comes to weight loss supplements, there is no shortage to choose from, but there are two that really stand out and are known around […]

Fat Loss Low Carb High Protein

which is an extremely low-carb, high-fat, adequate-protein diet. “Dogs are pure carnivores and do not thrive on your average commercial dog food,” said Sandberg, author of Learn How to Add Years To Your Dog’s Life. “I have studied dogs’ and cats It also helps you feel full, and research shows that high-protein diets are great […]

Fat Loss Lotion

Many people are drawn to these products in hopes that they will help with an endless list of health conditions including heart disease, low libido, weight loss, arthritis, high cholesterol and many, many others. Colloidal silver saw its rep tarnished back nearly two decades in the weight loss and sports nutrition industry as a marketer […]