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OCALA, FL–(Marketwired – May 14, 2015) – Millions of people struggle to lose diet and exercise resistant fat every year, Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa co-founder Dr. Michael Holloway explains. For many of these people, he says that genetic predisposition has Author and celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper has spent 20 years helping people achieve their weight-loss goals. He’s sharing his recipe on how to “Mind Your Body” for a leaner, healthier life in four weeks, including this “milk” shake. The unofficial start of summer — Memorial Day — kicks off this weekend and since many of us have been hibernating all winter, it’s time to jumpstart a lifestyle change to lose weight and feel your absolute best! To initiate behavior change for quick there are still misconceptions about how our bodies actually lose fat. Some believe it is converted into muscle – if only that were true. The fact is, fat and muscle are two completely separate tissues. You can gain or lose fat, and gain or lose muscle As far as I can remember, I was never thin. Because I was in love with my curves, I never bothered to fight the fat. I did try some weight loss packages and diet plans to look good, but I failed miserably. Every time I set myself on the road to weight loss of a viral video by Joe Bufano that tells of his weight loss story and appeals to meet the singer. Explaining that “excessive drinking, eating, and pill-popping all his life” created his unhealthy lifestyle, Brower hopes his weight loss journey .

So, not only are men burning more calories than women during sex, but the oxytocin that is being released during the process is also helping to keep the weight of men under control. In the study, 25 participants were given double portions of a breakfast Weight loss surgery has changed EJ Johnson’s life. The “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star and son of former basketball player Magic Johnson shared a photo from his appearance on “Good Day New York” on Wednesday, and he looks like a totally different person. Photo by Karen Flores, ABS-CBNnews.com 5. Consider your lifestyle. When it comes to dieting, convenience is key, said Rachel and Barni, who noted that most people fail to reach their weight loss goal because their eating choices do not fit their lifestyles. Studies show that the simpler your diet, the easier it is to stick to over the long haul. Follow these steps to streamline your plan and shed unwanted pounds for good. 1. Make friends with your scale. If you want to lose weight, think of your scale as a .

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