Shed Pounds Quick and Stay Solid

When a person sets out to lose weight they want to see results fast. The best way to stay motivated is to see those pounds melt away; however to see them stay away you need to diet in a healthy way. A healthy diet is possible with three pounds or more disappearing a week. By burning 500 or more calories than you eat every day, you can drop one to two pounds.

If you have a calorie intake of 1,200 in a day and exercise for one hour each day, you will lose between three to five pounds within a week. If your current weight is over 250 pounds, do not go below the 1,200 calorie intake as it would be dangerous to your health.

Medical doctor, Michael Dansinger reports that when a person reduces sodium and cuts their starch intake they will reduce fluid retention. This reduction results in five pounds of fluid loss right at the beginning of the diet. When you eat a diet that reduces starches, sugars and animal fat you can successfully see a rapid weight loss and maintain a healthy intake of calories. Tips for staying on this diet:

* Eat a lot of vegetables as they will keep you feeling full.

* Drink a lot of water as this too will curb your appetite.

* Do not purchase foods that will tempt you to binge.

* Keep busy by finding a project that will keep your focus off of food and eating.

* Do not graze from the cupboard or refrigerator. Only eat when you prepare a plate and are able to sit down.

* Don’t skip meals as this could lead to eating unhealthy snacks in between.

Often times if a person can see what they have consumed in a day it will help to change or improve eating habits. Keep a journal of the foods you consume each day and review it and the calorie intake that resulted from those foods. A journal can help you keep on track with calorie consumption. This journal can also help you track how you feel during the day to see how your eating patterns reflect your moods.

To lose weight rapidly an exercise routine will also be necessary. By exercising with an hour of moderate cardio and strength training; you will put yourself on the path to seeing those pounds disappear rapidly. Eating the right foods will keep you healthy as they melt away.

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