Top 8 Weight Loss Myths That Weight Watcher May Know

Watching your weight? Then you would have done all possible research about rights and wrongs for the weight loss. Possibly you would have taken the wrong route to weight loss due to lack of knowledge or due to misleading weight loss tips. The inflow of advice is so vast when you are opting for weight loss that it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. There are many weight loss myths that are perceived as facts and this is where a weight watcher fails. If you are also mislead by many of these weight loss myths then check out for these 8 most common weight loss myths that are usually shared by well-wishers.

  1. Strict low calorie diet plan is the secret to weight loss

Diet plan is not just about cutting the calories but it is much more than that. The right diet plan would be the mix of various nutrients that your body needs and consuming the good calories. Some foods and drinks have calories but minimal nutritional value while some other foods are rich in terms of nutritional value but low on calories. Your nutritionist knows what your body needs and would plan your diet consisting of appropriate calories and nutritional value. Concentrating only on low calories would keep your body deprived of key nutrients.

  1. Vigorous exercise regime would bring down the weighing scale reading

First rule – Don’t expect miracles while aiming weight loss. It is a slow process and you can’t expect overnight results. Vigorous exercise may give you instant results but the long lasting weight loss calls for well-planned diet and exercise routine. Going faster on weight loss via vigorous exercise would be quite an interesting method initially but soon you will meet a plateau where further weight loss would be difficult.

  1. Cut down on in-between meals

The in-between meals are not the culprits as the issue lies in eating more at one go as your body takes time to digest it. The small meals at regular intervals would keep your food intake in check and you may not just hog on food when it comes in front of you during lunch or dinner.

  1. All slimming pills are same

All slimming pills may claim to offer weight loss and may advertise the same features but that doesn’t prove that these pills are all same. Some of these pills are loaded with chemicals while some others have natural ingredients. Never judge the slimming pill from the way it is being projected but check the key contents and their effect on the body. This way, you will be able to select the slimming pills that address your problem in the best possible manner.

  1. Weight loss is always temporary

Weight loss is temporary when it is achieved through a wrong method. The weight loss achieved out of starving or vigorous exercise regime will bounce back as soon as you get back to the normal routine. Thus, it is important to take slow and steady route to weight loss in order to maintain it lifelong.

  1. Switching to healthy diet calls for lot of money

This is one biggest myth! It is believed that health food is usually expensive compared to its high calorie counterpart. This is not always true as to make a high calorie food, one needs to add lot of sugar and fat, which may not be cheap for sure. The health food is the food prepared from natural and fresh ingredients at home. This may in fact cost less as compared to the food that you buy from the stores. Fruits, whole wheat delicacies, low oil roasted snacks, and the sugar free foods would not cost high and may serve as super healthy option too.

  1. Zero cholesterol food choices make the best health food

Many times ready to eat foods are advertised as zero cholesterol or low fat foods and health freaks tend to switch to such food options in order to lose weight and keep healthy. The fact is that not all low calorie, zero cholesterol, or health foods are really healthy. They may lack many key nutrients or may have fat in saturated form that may be harmful to your body. Natural is always advisable and if you are opting for packaged food then read the nutritional value before buying it to make the right choices.

  1. Eating olive oil will help lose weight faster

When it comes to weight loss, all oils are equal! There are some oil blends that work good for your heart but may be equally fattening. Some may have good fats while others may have bad fats, but all types of fats may add to your weight for sure. Hence, don’t take liberty of quantity while using any healthy blend of oil as it will hinder your weight loss goal.

Above 8 weight loss myths are mostly the main reasons for not losing weight and if you are till now experiencing issues with weight loss then remove these myths from your mind to get convincing results.

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