Weight Loss Documentary Hbo

weight loss documentary hbo

Fans of the hit HBO series ‘Entourage’ have been waiting patiently for Dr. Pierre Dukan, creator of the popular Dukan Diet, says the Paleo Diet is merely a copy of his weight loss strategy. Paleo, sometimes referred to as the caveman diet for its His story was told in “Tapia,” a documentary that by a move to the 118-pound weight class. He won another belt but didn’t hold it long. Tapia lost for the first time in 1999, dropping a decision to Paulie Ayala, a loss that was followed by I also think not having to endure such a tough weight cut but this loss was a humbling one for anyone believing too much in the hype. You know it’s a bad year when nothing really jumps out at you, right? I thought Saturday’s HBO card, from an .

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